Sound and vision.

As we work on plans for upcoming virtual events, we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce some of the amazing people who have helped us with this project and explain how we've worked with them to make the shows accessible.

In today's post we'd like you to meet Sara McLanaghan, a BSL and Cued Speech professional who created British sign language videos to accompany Sean's readings on our first tour dates. We have since put the two together into recorded readings with BSL translation for you to enjoy at home.

BSL professional Sara McLanaghan

Sara was one of the first to collaborate with us on Tales in Sombre Tones and has been wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive throughout. Our mission with the tour both online and off is to allow as many people as possible to engage with the book in ways they perhaps wouldn't be able to otherwise. To accommodate the deaf and hearing impaired, we sought Sara's help for the UK tour and are now looking at ASL translation for our American audience, with a view of course to adding further interpretations as the project grows. We also understand that not everyone with hearing problems uses sign so we're looking at how best to add subtitles to our readings.

Sean Walter reading with BSL video projected on the wall behind him.

While we hunt for alternative funding to complete the 3d prints so we're ready to roll when galleries and other venues open up again, we are looking at ways we can use what we've built already to bring in more people. More visitors means we're helping more folks have fun of course but also more visitors means more merch (more on that soon) sales, which in turns feeds back into the project and helps us keep the in-person shows free to the public.

We're hoping to make an announcement on that very soon with an exciting new addition to our online show so make sure you're signed up for the latest news!