Patrons and prints

Regular readers will know we've been working for the last couple of years to create a fully inclusive touring show. We're now at the very exciting stage of creating 3d prints of the illustrations to join the original artwork, readings and animations on the next round of shows. There's a lot to organise for a touring show - not only the work itself but transport, venue hire, staff, insurance, booze for opening nights (especially important, that bit), advertising and so on.

Since we have 24 illustrations to turn into prints, we've decided to open up sponsorship opportunities to individuals as well as corporate backers to help cover the overall expenses. Each print costs £1000.00 to adapt, print in PLA and apply the surface finishes that help bring the work to life. Patron's names will be displayed alongside the piece they have paid for at public exhibitions and on the show website in recognition of their support. Naturally we throw in some extras like private views at local shows and so on - as always, the aim is for everyone to have as much fun as possible.

Photograph of our exhibition at Vane Gallery in Newcastle

The 3d prints will be shown alongside the 2d artwork, carefully lit to replicate the shadows and highlights of the original, adding an extra dimension for the whole audience. Audio descriptions will be available to assist the blind and those with low vision. Sponsor packages can be bought by a group for those who want to team up and we offer a 'one for the world, one for the wall' deal for anyone wanting one to enjoy at home too. Further partnership opportunities are available for companies including one off show deals and ongoing tour support. For more information, contact us