Going live!

We are so excited this week to announce the first of this year's Tales in Sombre Tones events. Starting on Sunday 9th August at 9PM in the UK, 1pm Pacific Daylight Time, Sean Walter will be doing a 2 hour live reading accompanied by both British and American sign language translations (also subtitled). Over the course of four weeks, he is reading all 24 tales in a marathon sponsored event raising funds for the wider project.

A screen shot showing Sean Walter with an illustration and text in the background.

The live feeds will be brought together into one streaming video which will also feature the illustration for each story - here's a Sean's eye view as he works out the technical setup. This is the first of our responses to the current situation - we had originally intended to be touring again with some of the 3d prints by now but of course with public spaces and galleries closed for the last few months, we had to figure out a different way to make the work accessible. We wanted to expand our translations into other languages so moving that forward and making it into a series of live shows was a great place to start.

 paperback copy of Tales in Sombre Tones next to reading glasses

We're going live on YouTube and details will be posted to our Facebook page, we'll be adding an update here too so make sure you're signed up for news.