Further into another dimension.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Followers of our Facebook page and individual social media accounts will know that we've been working with a designer for the last few months turning the illustration files into 3d prints for the blind and partially sighted as part of the ongoing tour project.

The original illustration for Hunted from Tales in Sombre Tones next to the 3d render

The first step is turning a scan of each illustration into a 3d map for the printer. As a test run, we did the cover image Hunted. Here you can see the original on the left and a digital image of the 3d print on the right. We owe the wonderful Jan Lennon a very big thank you for help with this bit.

We then ordered the 3d print in 3 sizes to see how scale made a difference. It was immediately apparent that the full size version was the best option so the other two have been used for further experiments as we try out different tools and surface treatments to enhance their tactile qualities.

Stone texture paint being applied with a wooden stick to a 3d print

Here a mix of sand and acrylic paint is being applied to the steps in the picture to create a stone texture replicating the real thing. Another 11 illustrations have been selected as the most suitable for 3d printing and we're applying for further funding to get those made so we can keep the project free to the public. We're starting a soft rollout soon using libraries and community spaces to do pop up shows while we get more pieces done then we will be taking the show on the road to bigger venues again like we did last May.

Banner image showing three images from the tour, with the artwork on display

As before, the tour will also include the original artwork, readings with sign language translation and animations.