Tour de Tales

 This month saw the first leg of our touring show to launch Tales in Sombre Tones. Sean flew over specially to join me as we hit Whitby, York and Newcastle with the art, animations and readings. It's been a good couple of years since we last had chance to work together in person so we had a huge amount of fun, made even more special by the fantastic venues that hosted it. We've only been back a couple of days, so still editing up the images but I've picked three of my favourites to share with you now and give a taste of what is to come.

The first image is from the beautiful Brunswick Centre, a former methodist church in Whitby. The original stained glass windows were a perfect contrast to the starkness of our black and white images.

Next up is All Saints Church in York - dating back to the 12th century, it is an active church so we did our midweek dates there to work around services. The evening party was especially atmospheric.

We finished up at Vane gallery in Newcastle - a complete contrast to the first two venues, with its flat white walls and carefully arranged lighting. It was interesting to see how well the show fitted in both settings. The churches matched the tone of the book, but the contemporary space fitted the dramatic monochrome too - and had the added advantage of not needing our hanging system assembled again, for which we were both very grateful by that point.

We have a couple more signings to do this week before Sean flies home, at which point we will be uploading all the images, animations and readings etc to this site for everyone to enjoy. The book itself is available now to UK customers on my website Drawing in Dark, will be up on Sean's site for USA folks soon and can be requested at any good bookshop.

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