Our first UK stockist! The Whitby Bookshop signing.

Us at The Whitby Bookshop, photo courtesy of Fiona 

We hadn't even finished unpacking from our first leg of the tour before we were at it again. The amazing Whitby Bookshop had set us up with an afternoon signing in our first week back so we picked up a box of books and headed over.

We signed and sold some in store then left a handful of double signed copies on the shelf for the first few lucky customers to walk in and grab one. We had to take a shelfie as we're in some very good company indeed.

If you happen to find yourself in Whitby, we do highly recommend a visit and no, not just because we want to flog you a book lol. Asides from being a friendly, independent bookshop, it's also a lot bigger that you'd expect from outside and has fiction and nonfiction, a great local interest section (which with Whitby being what it is, naturally contains a lot for goths and goth curious) and a selection of high quality cards and prints etc.

You can find them online at The Whitby Bookshop on Facebook and Twitter @thewhitbybooks1

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