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We are absolutely delighted this week to announce the arrival at long last of the first 3d printed samples based on the original illustrations. It's taken a bit longer than we'd hoped because our previous supplier mysteriously vanished and finding someone who could convert the digital files turned into an epic quest but it's so, so worth it.

The Creatures Lament test print for 3d
 We picked two images for our first test pieces - we figured the tomb from The Creatures Lament would translate well with its strong, simple lines. This one came out even better - the writing is remarkably clear given the textured pattern in the original drawing and the layers represent the depth of the image very well.

The Creatures Lament 3d test detail
 There are still a few things to tweak - the final pieces will need to be significantly bigger to make sense to touch, some edges need crisping etc but that's the point of having samples made at this stage, to get a better sense of how what we are viewing on screen translates to the finished product.

The Creatures Lament test detail
The designer did a great job choosing where to keep the heavier textures too, the gravestones in the background which are vanishing into fog in the original are now craggy, softer edged and further back than the tomb in the foreground, which is a great interpretation.

Fairy Tales 3d test
To make sure the first one wasn't a fluke, we got a second sample made up of an image with more fiddly, isolated details.The ivy leaves on Fairy Tales showed really well even at this scale, as did the ropes on the swing. Textured stripes on the background represent the shafts of moonlight. We're really excited to see these grow into works of art in their own right and can't wait to get them out on the road with the rest for people to play with.

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