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Sean here. I just wanted to go through the tour as it stands and say a few words about the locations we'll be in

Art D'Morte. The Royal Hotel, Whitby

The Royal Hotel

-I'm personally excited to be part of Art D'Morte. We will be be starting it all off here, surrounded by many of the people whom I met on my first trip to Whitby. It's an interesting feeling being in a place where literally everything is likely older than the country of your origin, and I find I quite like the weight of history here.

Did I mention the view?
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Besides, I can think of nothing better to start off a tour of a dark fiction and horror book than to be surrounded by gothic artwork, film screenings, and people.
The event itself is free, and the bar is open from midday onward, which is always a plus.

Dates: Sat. April 27th, 10am-4pm
           Sun. April 28th, 10am-4pm

Brunswick Centre Events, Whitby

The Brunswick Centre
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-I remember spotting this rather interesting church while wandering around Whitby on my first visit and being struck by the general sense of a well-loved almost ruin. The columns and stonework are just fun, but I never got to see the interior.
Thankfully, now I'll be able to do just that, as our first official full tour date will be held inside. I've reviewed photos of the whole thing, and I'm quite pleased with the tour being held in a retired church.

Do you think they'd let me play with the pipe organ?
With plenty of area to move around, we'll have this place set up for you to come view the masterful work of Karen of Drawing in Dark, and to hear haunting readings by myself with BSL translation.

Dates:  Sat. May 4th, 10am-11pm
            Sun. May 5th, 10am-4pm

All Saints North Street, York

All Saints' Church, North Street
-Our second tour event. We're going from a retired church to an active one, albeit one that has parts dating back to the 12th century (I do love history. Does it show?). We're doing this show in the middle of the week to avoid conflict with the services still being held here.
Between the terrifyingly realistic artwork, the haunting readings, and the general atmosphere churches seem to inherit as time goes by, this promises to be an excellent venue and an amazing show.

Plus, stained-glass windows from the early 1400's. What's not to like?

I think the monsters will feel quite at home here, don't you?
On a personal note, I've never been to York, and I'm hoping to spend any time not doing the show exploring the city.

Dates: Tue. May 7th, 10am-11pm
           Wed. May 8th, 10am-4pm

Vane Art Gallery, Newcastle

Vane Art Gallery

-Our third stop on the tour, and our only current contemporary art gallery on the list, is Vane Art Gallery. We're going to have a lot of fun here. For one thing, it's a rare treat for an author to be presenting anything in an art gallery, let alone such an upscale establishment as this, and I'm looking forward to the experience.

Dates: Fri. May 10th, 12pm-5pm and 6pm-10pm
           Sat. May 11th, 12pm-5pm

I'm really quite thrilled to be doing this tour. Being invited out to another country to read my work to people, having them listen to my tales, seemed like an impossible dream only a few short years ago.
And now, not only am I going, but we've got several cities to do it in. I can't imagine a better way to spend my time. Come see us.

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