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Good day, one and all.

For those who aren't aware, I'm the writer in this venture. I'm incredibly excited to not only be doing a book with the incredibly skilled Drawing in Dark, but to have the opportunity to tour it in the UK. Even when the stress of the work gets to me, that thought always makes me smile, and allows me to get right back to work (a feat of wonder, as any creative mind can tell you).

The stories we've created, stemming both from Drawing in Dark's mind and my own, have been some of my favorite to write. To see the images she creates to pair with them has been a thrill all its own, and to draw inspiration from her works to improve the stories once again... it's just a wonderful sort of creative magic, and I'm pleased to be part of it.

I've got to get back to work. I won't be getting much in the way of sleep from this point forward, but it means the book will be that much better for it.

I'll leave you with this snippet from a story we'll be using for Tales in Sombre Tones, titled "In an Instant"

     "Shoosh!" She ran over to him and placed her finger on his lips. "Wait! Wait, you can almost...."
     Thunder shook the windows in their frames sending them both to the ground covering their ears.
     She rolled to her side, still holding her hands over her ears, laughing. "There! See!"
     "What the fuck was that?!" 
     She rolled to her knees and poked him on the side of the head with a sharp fingernail. The pain seemed to stay there, burning into his skull. "The gun, silly. It finally went off..." 

Until next time,

~Sean Walter

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