Developing images - the journey from 2d to 3d.

We have a new artist working with us on the project - the very talented Jan Lennon is using her considerable skills to help us translate the illustrations to 3d files ready for production so the art can be experienced by the blind and partially sighted. So we can see how she's converted the drawings, she sent us a couple of clips turning the 3d render around so we can view it from all sides.

The Creature's Lament

Here we have the original illustration above and below, the clip of the 3d model rotating. We've watched this a lot now, it's fascinating and more than a little magical to an artist who's technical skills stop at pencils...


To test the theory again, Jan did the same for Scavengers. She's kept the crisp texture of the trees in the foreground and then gradually dropped down the middle and background to describe the distance.

It's fantastic to see new aspects of the exhibition coming to life, becoming real after all this planning. Even better, we get to take it all on the road in a few weeks to start sharing it with you all !

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