Art in Sombre Tones.

The first 12 illustrations have gone off to be scanned ready for the book so while I finish up the final 12, thought it was time to share some more of the artwork we'll be taking on tour.


First up is the illustration for Hunted, which is to be our cover image. It features the legendary Barghest that prowls the streets of my home town of Whitby, seen here running up the famous 199 steps to St Mary's Church.


Next we have Timber, the illustration that caused the most swearing - while I knew from the off exactly what we were looking for and soon found the perfect tree to work from, it just did not want to play. Perhaps because it involved such differing textures, the drawing didn't come together visually until the very end and so was on and off the board for weeks. One of the great things about a deadline however is that it means I don't have time for a lot of artistic angst so I pushed on and ended up with what has already become one of the best loved images of the series so far. 

In an Instant

Like most artists, I am very treat orientated so anything where I get to eat the props is always going to be a popular choice. The illustration for In an Instant also gave me the chance to have some fun mixing the every day and horror which is something I play with quite a bit in my work, possibly a consequence of living with monsters as to me, horror is at home. 

All of these were worked in charcoal pencil and Wolff's carbon pencil on Fabriano Artistico paper. For the images in the collection with a solid black background I also used carbon block which gives a gorgeous velvety black. That does mean everything in my flat including me is now also a nice velvety black but it was worth it :)

Karen Ruffles
Drawing in Dark

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