Funding, more funding ....and some fun.

It really has been all go on the project over the last couple of months. First up, we secured an Arts Council grant covering most of the tour ! That was the best news we've had all year - asides from having the money in the bank enabling us to start booking venues, Sean's flights over to the UK and so on, the fact that an outside organisation has that kind of faith in the project was a real boost to morale. To show our commitment and get funding, we had to raise a certain percentage of the total needed ourselves so we decided to run a Kickstarter, with £500 of the profit going on show costs.

To add to the excitement, that sailed past our initial target in the first week and at the time of writing, is heading towards a second stretch goal ! If you haven't already, check the project out - while live you can get your hands on some exclusive prints and signed editions of the book and the updates include a reading by Sean, recorded for a little pop up show I did at the end of October.

In conjunction with Marquis Masquerade and Whitby Dracula Society, Art Macabre featured a number of local artists and gave us the opportunity to try out the brand new hanging system including the spotlights as well as showing some of the original illustrations for the first time. The whole thing went really well and we'll be doing an additional tour date as part of the April 2019 exhibition. With funding, more material for the book, show kit and a test run under our belts we're feeling really positive about what we've achieved and very excited about what comes next.

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