3d monstering

Things are really starting to come to life on this project now - as regular followers will know, one of our goals for the book tour is to bring the book to life for as many people as possible. One of the ways we are doing that is by experimenting with 3d versions of the drawings, to be displayed alongside the originals.

Catmonkey 3d render (work in progress)

We are very thankful to have discovered the wondrous Mike from Mik3Ddesigns who has been carefully bringing Catmonkey out into the world - as with many of the designs, it's not just translating the work into 3d, but into something that will make sense to someone with visual impairment so we are learning a lot about how different some pieces are when experienced in an alternative way. That's made me look at my own work from a new angle too, which is interesting.

Catmonkey 3d render (work in progress)

This is all very early days but it's an exciting time. We're been very fortunate to have the support of other creatives like Mike and expert advice from the RNIB who have been a huge help. We can't wait to share all of this with everyone !


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