What's a catmonkey ?

For those of you not familiar with the great and terrible catmonkey, he was found on Scarborough beach under a rock. At first, I thought he was a piece of black sea glass but when I looked closer, I discovered I was holding a tiny figurine.

Catmonkey, illustration by Drawing In Dark

When Sean and I were first kicking story ideas around for the book, he came up in conversation and, this being us, we started discussing the weird properties this thing had and what strange and terrible powers it might possess. As catmonkey was sat conveniently on my studio shelf, he was the first up on the drawing board.

Working a figure no bigger than the tip of my finger up to an 18 " x 12" illustration was a challenge, in addition to the added complication of drawing a black object on a black background. I'm pleased with the result though and we're looking forward to sharing his story with you.

More soon,