It starts.....

Welcome to our news page - as work on the book progresses and printed wonders happen, we're planning great things for our tour later in the year.

Catmonkey work in progress

We've got some dates in our diary and venues on board who are going to help us rock this tour. We have stages for Sean's readings, hanging space for my artworks and bars so we can party in the evenings. To bring the book to life, we're including animations using my desk models to tell key sequences in their own entertaining fashion. Here's a short test clip of them taking advantage of an unattended coffee mug....

We're not stopping there either - we're currently seeking funding to help us make this tour accessible and fun for as many people as possible. We've got someone to help us produce 3d versions of the art for a tactile tour, screens for subtitled readings and more. Horror for all !

Drawing In Dark