This April sees the launch of Tales in Sombre Tones, a brand new horror anthology featuring short stories by American author Sean Walter and the work of British artist Karen Ruffles of Drawing in Dark. The book is an exciting prospect in itself as fully illustrated editions are a rare treat for adults but the pair have gone one better and created an Arts Council funded touring show that promises to deliver a wealth of sensory experiences.

Dates have been confirmed for the first leg which kicks off in the North East of England and sees Sean flying in to deliver his readings in person. From the former Methodist church that is Whitby's Brunswick Centre to contemporary gallery Vane in the heart of Newcastle, they are bringing not only the original illustrations but stop motion animation sequences from the stories and a hosted evening party led by DJ Jay Sinful. Tour stops are as follows.

In addition to tempting art lovers and fans of the darker side of literature, the tour makes sure audiences not normally catered for by exhibitions get a kick out of the show. 3d versions of the illustrations are being created for the blind and partially sighted so they can discover the artwork that accompanies the stories being read aloud. The readings themselves are supported by screened interpretations by BSL professional Sara Mclanaghan.

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